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Ubuntu Trusty Tarr 14.04 - Long Service
Ubuntu 14.04 - Trusty Tarr - has been released. This is a long service version of Ubuntu so you can relax knowing you don't HAVE to upgrade/re-install in a couple of months time. There will be updates to certain applications and bug fixes, especially in the first few months - and obviously security updates - but that is it - Ubuntu 14.04 will remain more or less as it was when you first installed it...
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Debian 7 Wheezy KDE - 64-bit desktop
Debian 7 Wheezy was finally released after months of being bug-fixed, so you can reasonably expect a stable Linux system with the more commonly used packages.
I grabbed the Debian 7.01 64-bit iso and followed the non-graphical installer (for no real reason except that I find it easier...) which resulted in a 64-bit system with an encrypted hard drive, KDE as the interface and my nvidia GTX 660 working with the nvidia driver
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Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
By way of balance, it seemed a good idea to chat about Windows 7 - I have the Home Premium 64-bit version, bought and paid for, mostly, because I like playing an old-ish strategy game called Sid Meier's Pirates.
The install was simplistic - a no-brainer. When I logged in to the freshly installed system...
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Linux on the desktop - more thoughts
Going back to my previous post, I decided to enlarge on it somewhat...
Linux has many, many versions, aims, interfaces and types of systems - which is a good thing for those who like diversity. But for the average person in the street, it just means bafflement, confusion and information overload.
In the mainstream, unpaid range we have Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, CentOS and Debian as the bigger options from which to choose...
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Linux on the desktop - some comments
As you can see from the content of this website, I am enthusiastic about Linux, and also quite keen about Ubuntu, mostly because with Ubuntu my hardware tends to just work, without mucking about.
That said, there are issues
In order to use an online government web-form I need Adobe Acrobat Reader - but I am running hardware with 8 gigs of RAM and a quad-core processor, so want to use a 64-bit system...
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Ubuntu 13.04 - Raring Ringtail - a work in progress
The 13.04 version of Ubuntu is a good month away from final release, and some would say to wait another month after that before installing on a production system.
So obviously I HAD to give it a try...
I chose to wipe the hard drive and let Ubuntu 13.04 have the lot, without doing any special partitioning - I have one of those new BIOS - which mostly just irritates me, but Ubuntu installed fine. I installed from a live daily ISO...
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