KDE LibreOffice Samba Network bug

It has been quite a while since the last time I updated my previous website – yes, has been through quite a few code changes over the years…

So, down to business. Debian 8 ? How should I comment on one of the most stable Linux systems out there? It runs on my laptop and has KDE as the interface – that gives me Kontact for my email / calendar / notes, K3B for anything that involves burning an ISO image or data backups to DVD (old school I know, but I have seen folk lose vital data on a usb stick…) and the ability to tweak just about anything! The universally used terminal gives me access to my server via ssh (yes, I know all Linux systems have this… but it IS part of what I use this OS for…) and Qtcreator, which will be part of my studies to come in Cplusplus, looks part of the scenery.

debian linux 8 KDE desktop now old-stable as debian 9 has been released

I use LibreOffice for any documents and my spreadsheets – this too works well – with one irritating exception: LibreOffice seems to need the Gnome file manager, Nautilus, to allow working directly on files on a Samba network server… and I am using Dolphin, which is the default KDE file manager. There IS a tweak needing the command-line, that I have made, that seems to load the file on the Samba network server into memory. When I hit the Save button, it asks if it should upload the changes to the server. Obviously I will say yes and when checking the server file, the changes are there, but… while I admit that this is not a huge issue, not like a crashing program at a vital moment after all - yet this does not happen on my Windows 10 desktop (yes, I do like a couple of specific games… Sid Meier’s Pirates anyone?) and I really would like to see Linux on par, for a normal user.

I have been running a range of Linux OSes for around 15 years or more either as a dual boot with Windows – I started with a boxed set of SUSE Linux from an actual computer store! It was placed just next to the Windows DVD boxes and I had to give it a try… Then I moved to Gentoo and spent many, many hours developing an insatiable desire to fiddle with every part of the software running on my computer. Then Ubuntu came along, then Debian, because I now have a social life and need to not keep on breaking stuff… but I digress (which is part of the fun of a blog)…

(Cough) so… the point? Debian 8 plus KDE ? Really awesome – does what I need and gets out of my way, but that one annoying bug… so now when a Windows user asks, I am forced to qualify my happiness response with a but… and that annoys me – Debian Linux is good, very good… but… why is there not a simple fix for the KDE LibreOffice guys out there?

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